This agreement template can be used to create a document or a web form. Participants can also acknowledge agreement verbally. This page is not an active form.

Participant Agreement

Please read the details and acknowledge your agreement to participate.

  1. What is this study about?
    We are researchers at Bixal working with [[[ Organization ]]] on [[[ subject matter for the study ]]]. Our goal is to learn more about peoples’ experiences related to this topic. We are not evaluating you in any way.

  2. We will collect information and recordings.
    During the session, we will ask you questions about your actions and experience related to the topic. We may make video, audio, photographic, and written recordings of this session. We will analyze the information we collect and use it to inform design decisions.

  3. We will protect your privacy.
    Bixal and [[[ Organization ]]] will take appropriate precautions to protect your privacy, as explained in the [[[ Organization’s privacy statement ]]]. We will remove any personal information captured during the session. Recordings will only be shared with people who have a valid need in connection with this study.

  4. Your participation is voluntary.
    You can withdraw your agreement to participate at any time for any reason. If at any point you no longer wish to participate, please inform the study moderator immediately.

  5. You will not receive payment or compensation for your participation.
    You agree to grant the United States Government unlimited and unrestricted rights to use and reproduce all materials associated with your participation in this study.

By entering your name below and checking this box you confirm that you have been informed of the purpose of this study and agree to participate.