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Capability Framework

The purpose of this framework is to articulate the descriptions and expectations of various jobs within the UX Design practice area.

It can be used in the following ways:

  • Understand what skills are needed to do a particular job.
  • Identify skills needed to progress to the next level within a job.
  • Assess progression of skill development as part of performance reviews.
  • Create job ads to recruit for UX Design jobs.
  • Plan staffing needs for current and upcoming projects.

What’s included

For more details on the terminology used throughout this framework, see the Glossary.


This framework was inspired by the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework from But this was only used as a starting point. In addition to making some initial modifications (namely replacing Esses with Zees), the expectation is that this framework is a work in progress that will be discussed and iterated upon with the UX Design Team.