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On Machines


Because hackers.

  • To reduce security risks, work out of your Standard account for almost everything. Installing and updating software can be done by entering your admin username and password when prompted, even when logged into your Standard account.

Software Updates

Because updates break things.

  • Sketch: wait for x.1 or higher releases to update.
  • Microsoft: generally try to update as release become available. (It can’t get worse.)
  • Mac OS: keep up with incremental system updates, but let’s talk about major system updates before proceeding.

Storing, Syncing, and Sharing Work

First, lose no data. (Second, email no attachments.)

  • All of our working files should reside in one of our cloud systems (G Suite or Sharepoint).
  • For ease of use (and to avoid version control issues), you can sync both cloud systems to your computer so you can work with files directly on your local drive and have them sync in the background.
  • To share work, please send links to files in the cloud. Avoid email attachments.

Tools and Services

See Tools in the Bixal Methods wiki.