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UX Researcher Role Overview

UX Researchers plan, design and carry out research activities with users that help teams get a deep understanding of the people that use their products and services. This research informs strategy, service, content and interaction design so that services work well for users and achieves the intended outcomes.


You will need the following skills for this role, although the level of expertise for each will vary, depending on the role level.

  • Analysis and synthesis. You can turn research data into clear findings that inform decisions. You know how to involve colleagues in analysis and synthesis to increase consensus and challenge assumptions.

  • Inclusive research. You understand the diversity of users of government services. You know how to include all kinds of users in appropriate research activities to help teams deliver accessible services.

  • Research skills. You understand and have experience of a range of user research methods. You can choose appropriate methods for different stages of the product life cycle and situations. You know how to apply methods correctly.

  • Society and technology. You understand the social and technological context for government services. You can help colleagues understand how digital technology is changing user behavior, and the challenges and opportunities for government services.

  • Strategic insight. You understand organizational strategy and objectives. You can align user research activities with objectives to create strategic insights that inform policy and strategy.

  • Technical understanding. You demonstrate knowledge of the technologies used to build and operate digital services. You understand the different technical roles in a multidisciplinary team.

  • Human-centered and agile practices. You understand human-centered design practices and know how to embed them into an agile workflow to deliver timely findings. You can work in an open, iterative and collaborative way in a multidisciplinary team.